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Online Casino

 Keno Types

There are several ways in which to enjoy the game of keno. Each offers a different experience, and believe it or not, also a different house edge. If you can't chose between which is the more suitable for you, I'm sure the payoff will make the decision-making much easier. Which version of the game you like depends on your personality and the environment you feel comfortable in.

Casino Keno

You can find keno at virtually every casino you visit. Casino keno, unlike any other gambling game, spreads all throughout the house; there's tables with brochures advertising and specifying the details pertaining to the game and large boards that display the results of the keno draw. This allows individuals to play the game no matter where they find themselves in the casino, even the buffet!    More...

Online Keno

When you compare online keno to what you'd expect at a casino, although it's the same game, it's an entirely different experience; it can be a pain to explain it, but the environment contributes much to the diversity between the two. Online keno is easy to find on the Internet and is available at most online casinos, giving you the opportunity to gamble with real money.    More...

Video Keno

Although often confused, video keno is quite different from the online version discussed earlier. Video keno can be usually found among or near the slot machines and it's easy to mistake one for the other. In fact, if it weren't for the handle on the slots, it would be a challenge to distinguish between them from afar.    More...

Free Keno

Maybe one of the best ways to play keno is when you have nothing to lose. Free keno, along with entertainment, offers the chance for individuals to get the feel of the game before putting any money down. When you're playing for free, however, you can't expect much in return other than the understanding and practice you have gained. But you have all the time in the world to eat, sleep and think keno!    More...