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 Video Keno

If you're familiar with slot machines, video keno can also be considered a bandit, just not a 'one-armed' bandit. The steel casing in which the brain of the game is confined (the computer) allows many an individual to think of this version of keno as simply another slot machine game. That is not so and for very obvious reasons. The picture on the right shows a typical keno machine. Through the look might resemble that of slots, the ways it's played and the results differ significantly. Video keno machines can be found at most casinos and are usually located among or near the slot machine section.

Video Keno MachineIn essence, this version is the same as casino keno or the online version, the only difference lies in how the game is played. With the casino as well as the online version, a person can play along with other individuals, making the game that much more interesting. In this case, however, you're going solo. That is not to say that it's any worse than playing the other ways - it solely comes down to preference.

Playing video keno or playing the game online, the two are very similar. One advantage to playing it online, however, are the graphical user interfaces, which are much more appealing. The main reason for this is that the machines used for the video version don't have quite as advanced monitors as you might have at home as well as the sound. What are two speakers on the machine compared to surround sound on a computer?

However, if you're not in the comfort of your home, video keno can certainly do the trick to keep you entertained, especially if that's your area of interest. If you enjoy playing slots, you might consider giving keno a try. You'll still find yourself in the same environment, but with a bit more of a twist. It might just spice up playing slots, even if just a little.

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