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Keno is such a diverse game it can be played anywhere, and nowadays it's also available online. Online keno is simply a virtual online representation of the actual game. Thought the two are quite different in the way they are played, they are both based on the same rules and the identical concept.

Online keno has become a popular game in the last couple of years, especially with recent advancements of technology. Thanks to the fine artists and the sophisticated graphical interfaces today, online keno has gained a new appearance. Our society has made it its goal to make things as easy as possible and this version of keno is exactly that. Being able to mark the ticket to your liking by simply clicking on the ticket image turns the idea of using pen and paper into ancient history. Not to mention the fact that you don't even need to leave the house in order to play. There are many versions and ways of presenting keno to the user online; the game can be a virtual representation of a printed ticket or just a display of all 80 numbers for you to select - there's tons to choose from. Usually, sound effects as well as some sort of motion accompany the game, in forms of applauding crowds, balls being drawn, or bets being placed. Everything tied in together makes for one great online experience.

FREE Keno GameBeing able to go at your own pace can be a plus when it comes to playing the game, but only when you are playing for free. On average, a person can play around 30 times as many games online as they can at a casino. The ability to play more games in a given amount of time keeps the excitement rolling - more so than it would at 6 games per hour at the casino.

As much as it can benefit a player, being able to control the speed of the game can be a very big disadvantage if your main intention is to play for money. Although you can play 30 times as many games as at the casino, you are also subject to losing 10 times as fast. One bet is made after another and your bankroll runs out before you even know it. The fun was probably more intense and the adrenaline ran a little higher than it would in a casino setting, but your money didn't last as long. When you are playing at the casino, however, playing approximately 6 games per hour allows you to stretch your bankroll and although the fun is most likely not as intense, it lasts a lot longer. Read the keno strategy page to find out more.

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